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Team Bateman's actively competes in Mountain, Cyclocross and Road racing in Ontario.

The misson of Team Bateman's is to help our riders achieve their cycling goals in an inclusive, energetic and fun environment.

Our team members are expected to be positively engaged in their cycling communities.

Our first goal is to have fun. We strive to motivate each other and develop as athletes and mentors.

Tour of Pelham 2017

Eager to test my legs after a winter inside the Spin Shack, the Tour of Pelham was the perfect way to kick off the season. Bateman's always has a strong contingent at these types of mud-filled affairs, and the ToP attracted the likes of Grant, Mike, Sean, Nicola, Leo, Andrew M, Andrew F, Sean, Valina and other shack-pack members.

The weather was perfect and most riders were showing some skin by the time the race started at 11am. With the previous year's top finishers at the front, the race started out like most races do, perhaps made especially hectic by the fact that only racing for 2 hours meant you could really hammer!

The first bottleneck came as the group entered a reservoir area through a single file gate, which was a hectic scramble for everyone except course the experts and last year's winner, Nathan Chown, who cleanly rode through first and proceeded to attack, creating the splits that defined the finishing results. The reservoir and the gravel maintenance roads that followed were littered with deep pot-holes filled with standing water, making it difficult to come around anyone before the entrance into the first single track section.

At this point I was sitting just out of a top 10 position and fortunately found myself on the wheel of one of the local team's (CF) rider, who knew the trail well. Following his line, the two of us created a gap on the group behind before hitting a section of almost unrideable thick mud, which for those doing the long course was completely unrideable the second* time through. The police and volunteers stationed at each road crossing did their best to direct riders from trails and onto paved roads, and then back onto a hilly cow-field, where a cyclocross style labyrinth turned out to be one of the most gruelling and tiring sections of the race.

Turning back onto the hilly pavement, the members of my group started to attack and I eventually got dropped only a few kilometers before re-entering the trail section, where I had hoped to have a similar advantage as I did the 1st time (please see earlier, re *mud). Exiting the trail and onto the reservoir pathways, I embarrassingly thought I had taken a wrong turn and began to backtrack until I came upon a rider heading the opposite direction, and quickly turned around to catch back up.

The last 8km of the course were on paved roads, and with no riders visible ahead or behind us, there was little motivation to push the pace above threshold, which made for a somewhat easy run in to the finish, taking 18th place.

You could not have chosen a more deserving winner (or nicer guy) than Jacques Cormier, who according to 2nd place finisher Graham Rivers 'didn't skip a pull the entire race, and still managed to edge him out in the sprint'. With Erik Box coming in 3rd, and Andrew Merrick narrowly missing the long-course podium in 4th place, the top Bateman's rider of the day was Nicola who took 2nd in the short course, women's category. 

My biggest take aways from this race, other than an pound of mud, was that my training during the winter has established a decent base, and that I'm ready to dial in my fitness for the fast approaching road season. Next up is Steaming Nostril in St. Jacobs, hosted by Cycle Waterloo, which has fewer technical sections and is more of a gravel road race, which will tip the advantage towards fitness and power. Overall the ToP was a fantastic event blessed by beautiful weather, and it would not have been possible without Jeff Moote and the rest of the 905Cycling team. Can't wait for next year!

Press Release: Team Bateman's 2017

Bateman's Bicycle Company Announces Race Team

The Bateman's Bicycle Company Race Team has arrived. Since 2012 the team has had an ever-growing presence at Ontario Cup cycling events, and this year, the team is tuned to make its mark. With 50 cyclists represented across all disciplines, the team is stacked with racers who have been carefully selected, not necessarily for their race results, but for their sportsmanship and ability to be key ambassadors for the team.

The Bateman's Bicycle Company Race Team's mission is to strive to raise the profile of competitive cycling in the GTA in friendly and inclusive manner that helps individuals achieve their personal cycling goals.





"It's because of the individual efforts of our riders that the Race Team has developed a name for itself in Ontario Cycling over the past few years," said Robert Bateman, Owner of Bateman's Bicycle Company. Through social media efforts, a strong Strava presence, exposure in the Don Valley trails and on the road, the team is proud to contribute to the ever-growing interest in competitive cycling across the GTA.

Robert Bateman was the first and only official member of the team in 2012. His passion for racing bikes was captured through the shop's social media feed and has since attracted racers from a wide variety of cycling backgrounds. "Racing for Bateman's seems like an amazing opportunity and the positive attitude that surrounds the shop is what draws me in. The sponsors are all super cool and I'd be proud to wear the Bateman's jersey." Brendan, Toronto bike courier and prospective 2017 Bateman's Race Team rider.

The goal is to keep the team small yet strong so racers are well supported. This year the Race Team is being powered by the generous support of Cloud 9 AV Inc., the presenting sponsor, as well as, Treetop Trekking and Kula Yoga Studios, among many others.

Bateman's Bicycle Company is proud to sponsor various cycling clubs including Midweek, the Shack Pack, and the Wild Betty's to continue to help make group cycling more accessible and generate enthusiasm in the sport for riders of all levels.

Bateman's Bicycle Company is a friendly neighbourhood bike shop located in the heart of the Annex in downtown Toronto.

2016 Cyclocross O-Cup Racing Season

Ryan Rutherford had a great cyclocross season racing in the highly competitive Elite category. His MTB handling skills help him compete among Ontario's best CX racers, and brought him to the top step of the podium as the Ontario Master A Provincial Champion. 

Not only is Ryan a fierce competitor - he also volunteers at Midweek Cycling Club's Tuesday Night Cyclo-cross series that runs September to November every year in Toronto.

Review: Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition

Bateman's Team rider Ryan Rutherford recounts riding the Sky to Sky Corridor: 

I recently spent a week in the Sky to Sky Corridor riding the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition. The bike had a basic suspension tune which I knew I had to dial in.

The first run in Whistler was B-line a run with some slower banked corners and small table tops.  The ride 9 suspension adjustment made it easy to dial in the geometry. I placed it into the slackest setting and increased 5 PSI.

As for the front suspension, the Rock Shox Pike is designed for aggressive trail riding and I was amazed how well it absorbed the small bumps and the larger big hit compressions. A token was added to the air side to help the suspension ramp up near the bottom of the compression without losing small bump.

The second lap was again B-line. The Thunderbolt was a completely different bike. It railed every corner and for those of you who know my riding style, I took every inside line and drifted to the outside. As the trip went on we spent the mornings riding Squamish, Whistler West Side, the Black-comb trails and we rode the bike park in the evenings.

The trail riding starts off with climbing anywhere from 45-90 minutes and you were then rewarded with a descent. Mostly wild steep rock rolls and loose loamy shoots. Whistler's bike park has a large variety of trails to choose from depending on riding ability.

After getting comfortable it was time to see what this bike can really do on jumping trails. We started with Crank It Up to Heart of Darkness, a good warm up run. Before we knew it we were sending Freight Train, Dirt Merchant and A-line. These jumps are big 40+ foot table tops. I was continually amazed that a 26 pound XC trail bike was capable of handling most trails I was able to ride down.

This trip was a real eye opener for myself to make mountain biking fun again and not just a training ride. There is something amazing about riding for hours with people you don't know and sharing stories over a few to many beers.

See you on the MTB, CX and Road O-cup circuit in 2017!

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