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  1. Road BikesWe provide road bikes or you may bring your own

  2. Stationary TrainersOur KURT KINETIC "Road Machine" stationary trainers accurately replicate outdoor riding

  3. Training VideosWe produce our own training videos in-house with a variety of workouts & soundtracks

  4. Certified InstructorsOur C.O.R.E. II certified instructors are trained to help you get the most out of your workouts


*All classes are 50-60 minutes unless otherwise noted in the schedule*

High Intensity Spin

High Intensity spin sessions target improvements in your ability to push hard on the pedals!

Surges and sprints raise your top speed and increase muscle recruitment, while longer high intensity segments improve your ability to go harder for longer durations.

Aim to keep a cadence (RPM) around 85-95 for any intervals over 60 seconds, and aim for 100+ during the surges and sprints.

Endurance Spin

Endurance spin sessions have longer, lower-stress efforts that improve your ability to burn fat.

Endurance workouts are invaluable for beginner and seasoned riders alike. Workouts like these increase your ability to ride longer distances.

It's easier to perform cadence and pedalling drills at lower intensities, which will improve your leg speed & sprinting form and efficiency.

Women's Spin

Often our most popular class of the week - Women's Spin on Wednesday evenings are led by one of the women Team Bateman's racers.

It's the instructor's choice of High Intensity or Endurance workout types, or maybe it will be a combination of both!

A safe and inclusive space for women to train - the Wednesday night crew continues to ride with the Shack Pack in the Spring and Summer.

Spinning Skills & Core

While low (easy) gears are used to improve pedalling efficiency, leg speed and coordination - this 'aint no easy class!

Harder gears are used to improve climbing and sprinting technique.

Following a 45 minute spin we roll out the mats to work on our core strength and stability.

Parent & Baby Spin

Mama Bateman (Dana) welcomes you to a welcoming, friendly and flexible environment that aims to meet you and your baby's needs.

Babies hang out at the front of the class* where you can see them and they can see you. They can be in their stroller, car seat or on the floor on a blanket, whatever works best!

If it's okay with you we will pick them up, comfort them, cuddle them and play with them throughout the class to help keep them content so you can get your workout. 

Feeding, changing, crying, cooing and smiling are all welcome activities. 

Don't worry if you are running late! This is your time so use it as you like. Come a little early or stay a little late if you need to feed or just want to hang.

*** This class is best suited for babies that aren't yet moving. However, if you are interested in coming and your baby is already moving, please drop us a line and let us know!

"The Basics"

We can help you to better understand the lingo, your equipment and electronics.

This beginner-friendly class will teach the proper form for riding fast, slow, in and out of the saddle and more.

There are no "killer" efforts here - you will get a great endurance workout while practicing skills and techniques that you can use with confidence in the rest of our spin classes.

What do I get with a Season's Pass?

Access to all spin classes (space permitting)

FREE bicycle and shoe storage

FREE spin bike maintenance

Save the Tax on parts and accessories

2 Month Unlimited Pass

No Weekly or Monthly Limit

Valid thru March 31st, 2017

$140 +HST

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