Bateman's Bicycle Company

Annual Trail Tune-Up


The Annual Trail Tune-Up is Bateman's best value mountain bike service package! - This detailed tune-up includes mountain bike specific maintenance to keep your bike trail ready all season long!

Select your desired appointment date and drop off your bike at Bateman's Trail Shop (49 Laird Drive, Toronto) the day before, or morning of your service appointment. We aim to have all tune-ups completed on a 24 hour turn around, we will contact you via phone or email once your bike is ready for pickup!

Bateman's Annual Trail Tune-Up Service Package includes the following items: 

-Cleaning and lubrication of suspension
-Adjustment of suspension for rider body mass
-Full truing of the wheels (wheels removed and placed in truing stand)
-Ultrasonic cleaning of the drivetrain.
-Refreshing of tire sealant as required
-Adjustment of brakes
-Adjustment of derailleur(s)
-Drivetrain inspection including gears and chain
-Minor Bearing Adjustment
-Lubrication of chain & external pivot points
-Basic bike wipe down of bike including frame and rim surface
-Inflate tires to recommended PSI and check valves
-Safety inspection and test ride

This service is only available at Bateman's Trail Shop, 49 Laird Drive, Toronto. 

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