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These energy bars are powerful enough for endurance workouts but tasty enough for a snack any time of day. They're made with real ingredients like oats, nut butter, sea salt, brown rice crisps and quinoa crisps. We don't like putting extra junk in our bodies and we don't want you to either so these are free from anything artificial or unnecessary such as artificial sweeteners, coloring or flavoring agents. Bar size: 50g

Flavors: Chocolate Chips & Almonds, Cherries & Pistachios, Peanut Butter & Strawberries,  Raspberries & Lemons, Peanut Butter + Chocolate

Plant-based ingredients for easier digestion, fast absorption and sustained energy
Non-GMO, vegan, dairy free, kosher and gluten free
50% less sugar compared to national leading bar brands
Cholesterol Free, Zero Trans Fats, Low Sodium 

PEANUT BUTTER & CHOCOLATE: peanut butter and chocolate with a touch of sea salt – has there ever been a more perfect combination?

CHERRIES & PISTACHIOS: A slightly sweet bar made from a mix of dried cherries and pistachio pieces. We added nut butter blend (almond and cashew) and coconut nectar for flavor. What it tastes like: A crispy bite with tartness followed by a deep nutty flavor