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Product description

The Kombi is our most affordable cargo bike. It’s compact for the city and can carry up to two kids. The Kombi has a short wheelbase for a cargo bike, 124 cm to be exact, or about as long as a cruiser bike. A short wheelbase combined with 24-inch tires is why the Kombi is portable and storable. Even with the spacious rear rack, it’s only about six feet long.

The Kombi rides like a standard bike, and you can fit two kids on the back. It can carry 440 pounds total (including the rider). That’s approximately 300 pounds of cargo! Did we mention the double kickstand is included in the price? With a fully adjustable seat and cockpit, the Kombi quickly and easily adjusts to fit riders 6'5" to 4'9" (or shorter if you swap out the long 50 cm seatpost for a shorter one). The mid step through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount the bike with kids on the back.

In addition to Kombi specific accessories, the Kombi is compatible with Yuba’s Adjustable Monkey Bars, Baguette pannier, 2-Go Bags, Hold-On Bars, Bread Basket front basket, and Frame Lock. The rear rack is compatible with the Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat, with room for two seats at a time. The Kombi is compatible with the Yepp Maxi Easyfit Child Seat when you add the Yepp EZ fit adapter.

The Kombi comes with a whole lot of complementary components in addition to the sturdy double kickstand. Every Kombi comes with a bell, battery-powered front and rear lights, front fender, rear wheelskirt, and Yuba’s Deflopilator, which keeps the front wheel in check while the kickstand is in use.

Please note that this bike is only available for local pickup.