Bateman’s Youth Development Program 


Our Mission

To pursue the development of youth, not solely as bike racers, but as people, sharing our core values of commitment, discipline and professionalism in a team environment. 

We will foster mutual respect and integrity in everything we do. Our fun filled environment will be the place to grow and ride bikes!

The development program has been crafted for little rippers who are looking to take the necessary steps towards advancing their technical trail riding skills. The BDP program will offer the opportunity for kids to build towards competition and mountain bike racing across various disciplines. 

Our program provides young athletes the ability to train in a group atmosphere allowing for further skill development and team building. 

Our coaching staff will ensure that athletes safely progress and work towards achieving the next level of mountain bike excellence.

Selection Process

Bateman’s Development Program will be based on a selection process.The purpose of a selection process is to ensure that the group will be skilled enough to safely ride the trails while pushing and progressing as a team. 

Micro groups and training buddies will be formed as we better understand how your child fits into the group. 

The BDP program is very focused on making mountain biking a team sport.