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We’ve created the Fluxer Mips Helmet so you can enjoy long rides and steep climbs without being beat by the heat. This helmet strikes the perfect balance in lightweight, highly ventilated and extremely comfortable design for the style conscious and serious cyclists. Equipped with multiple large vents strategically placed for maximum airflow, and our unique STACC ventilation system ensures that you stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest rides. The advanced construction with perpendicular ribs throughout the interior of the helmet provide added impact protection. This helmet is equipped with the Mips® Air Node technology where the low friction layer is laminated to the comfort padding providing exceptional comfort and reduces rotational forces to the brain. The integrated 360 Occigrip Fit system ensures that the helmet fits snugly and securely on your head and allows for on-the-fly height adjustment. The helmet is designed to integrate seamlessly with Sweet Protection eyewear, including eyewear grippers to keep your shades securely in place when stored on the helmet.
  • Extremely well vented with multiple large vents
  • STACC ventilation system ensures that you stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest rides
  • Perpendicular ribs between vents for impact protection
  • Mips® Air Node to help reduce rotational motion to the head in certain angled impacts, thereby lowering the risk of concussions and brain injury
  • Vastly improved fit
  • New integrated 360 Occigrip Fit System with on-the-fly height adjustment
  • Pony-tail compatible
  • Especially design to integrate well with Sweet Protection eyewear
  • Eyewear Grippers allow you to fasten your sport performance eyewear on the front of your helmet
  • Detachable front comfort pad
  • Will meet and exceed both the CPSC 1203 and EN1078 standards (double certification)