With the TWIST bike base set, the bottle cage is history.

The magnetic system cleverly connects the drinking bottle to small holding heads on the frame. The rotating mechanism eliminates the need for a bottle cage and uses a super strong neodymium magnet base plate combined with an ingenious locking mechanism. Thanks to the cageless system, even the smallest frames can easily be equipped with a drinking bottle. A clean look on the bike is included free of charge.
The bottle cage system is suitable for all cycling disciplines.

Is a magneto-mechanical holder system that combines the advantages of a magnetic lock with those of mechanical locking. Strong magnets automatically attract different modules, center them and snap them into the base on the bike.

Technical specifications:

Material bottle: plastic BPA-free
Material lid: plastic BPA-free
Material holder: plastic
Features: light, dishwasher safe up to 50°
Material screws: stainless steel (M5 x 16 mm)
Content bottle: 600 ml
Valve: fast flow valve
Height: 219mm
Bottle diameter: 72 mm
Diameter with holder: 82 mm

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