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From work to the workout, Skratch Labs Everyday Drink Mix is a versatile new hydration.

Made with real fruit, electrolytes, and no added sugar, it's an ideal daily solution for hydration when you need it. It is a "lightweight" version, you could say, of the iconic Skratch Labs Hydration Mix. You can use it as a standalone daily hydrator, your drink for a quick workout, or it can even be combined with their other mixes for a customizable hydration.

At 400mg of sodium and 0g of sugar (just a squeeze of fruit!), it's a favorite for low-cal hydration.


  • Unsweetened: 0g of added sugar
  • No sweeteners, dyes, or artificial flavors
  • The right electrolyte profile: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium
  • No GI distress: low osmolarity 
  • Meets all the special dietary markers

How to Use It:

We love to use it as a standalone daily hydrator at work, either post morning workout or before a lunch shuffle! It's also great for adding sodium to your fuel when you are a salty sweater. Just add a scoop and mix!